Virtual tax training is one of the series of events held by The 22nd Tax Seminar and Training that has always been awaited by tax professionals. Providing more detailed information and technical problem solution for impacted companies always excites the participants of this event. The 22nd Tax Seminar and Training accommodates a friendly yet insightful discussion between tax experts and professionals with the representative of impacted companies. Participants expected to find solutions for their business continuity with the existence of tax changes and updates.


Events will be held at Zoom Cloud Meetings

Friday, Agustus 27, 2021

Session 1

How To Face Tax Audit in Pandemic Era

Session 2

Strategy to Tax Risk Management

Saturday, Agustus 28, 2021

Session 3

Transfer Pricing Documentation in and Post Pandemic COVID-19 Era

Session 4

Excelling APA (Advance Pricing Agreement) Negotiation.


Session 1

Anton Manik

Tax Partner at PwC

Session 1

Gadis Nurhidayah

Associate Director at PwC

Session 2

Ali Mardi Djohardi*

Tax Advisory and Tax Due Diligence Partner at Deloitte Indonesia

Session 3

Romi Irawan

Transfer Pricing Partner at DDTC

Session 4

Balim Boerman

Transfer Pricing and International Tax Partner at Deloitte South East Asia
*Trainers to be confirmed


For More Information

Audria Detta (+62 878 7590 1987)
Tiffany Clarissa (+62 812 9505 4748)


Ruston Tambunan

Vice Chairman of IKPI

Balim Boerman

Transfer Pricing and International Tax Partner at Deloitte Southeast Asia

Micky Mintarsyah Soeradiredja

Associate Director Tax and Transfer Pricing at Ernst & Young

Permana Adi Saputra

Vice Managing Partner at PB Taxand

David Hamzah Damian

Partner of Tax Compliance & Litigation at DDTC

Otto Sumaryoto

Director of PricewaterhouseCoopers Indonesia

Danny Septriadi

Senior Partner of Tax Research and Training Services at DDTC


Tax Partner at Deloitte Touche Solutions

Riyan Nainggolan

Tax Director at Deloitte Touche Solutions


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