Flush Tax: The Three P’s

Maryland has been taxing wastewater since 2005 with a $30 fee to citizens that use public water and sewer systems; the fee amount doubled in 2012. This policy is applied to generate money for the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Restoration Fund. They billed 10.335 well and septic users and expected to raise at least $60 million a year.

At first, many people were surprised and refused to pay the 'Flush Tax.' However, County Treasurer Jerome Peuler states the Three P’s, “You pee, you poo, you pay.” Besides, the tax was intended to upgrade 66 major sewage treatment plants, upgrade septic systems, and fund a cover-crop program that could improve the environment.

In 13 years, the payoffs finally can be seen; water clarity, a huger bay grass, and zero 'no oxygen area' in the country. So, what do you think? Should this be applied in Indonesia as well?
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